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is a collection of 1,500 randomly generated NFTs built on Solana. This collection allows anyone to tame their own virtual wyvern which will be stored on the blockchain.


- Background4

- Fur4

- Eyes5

- Hair5

- Accessory9

- Special1


Q1: Where can I find more about the minting?

A1: The main information about the minting process can be found on this page.

Q2: Where can I find my Solyvern?

A2: You can find all the NFTs you own in your wallet (list of supported ones).

Q3: On which marketplaces the Solyvern collection will be listed?

A3: You will be able to sell your NFT on marketplaces such as Magic Eden and Solsea. We are also considering the option of listing on Digital Eyes and Solanart (application will be submitted).

Q4: What makes Solyvern different from other collections?

A4: Wyverns are very cute. In addition, NFT owners will be rewarded (more info).

Q5: Where can I find out the latest project news?

A5: Follow our social networks (Twitter and Discord) to keep up with the latest news.